Open Source Projects

My open source projects are all "just for fun" or to scratch an itch of my own. These are a few of my personal favorites.

Sitka - Extremely lightweight but powerful Node.js logger that's great for cloud/serverless applications. It follows best practices such as writing to stdout by default and allowing configuration via environment variables.

Portsfetch - Shell script that makes it easy to track the quarterly branch in a local FreeBSD ports tree. See Using Quarterly Ports on FreeBSD for background information and usage instructions.

FreeBSD Scripts - A collection of shell scripts to perform common actions (mostly related to system administration) on FreeBSD.

Command Line Plugin for Prism - Use HTML/CSS to display a command line with a prompt and, optionally, the output from the commands.

Estate Planning Organizer - Simple but popular spreadsheet to assist with estate planning. Read Getting Started With Estate Planning for more information.

More repositories are available on my GitHub profile and I post random files/scripts in the Downloads section on this site.

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