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Sitka - An extremely lightweight but powerful Node.js logger that's great for modern cloud/serverless applications. It promotes the best practices of twelve-factor apps through writing to stdout/stderr by default and allowing configuration of log level and format via environment variables.

Portsfetch - Shell script to switch to the current quarterly branch for FreeBSD ports and to update your local ports tree after switching. See Using Quarterly Ports on FreeBSD for background information and usage instructions.

FreeBSD Scripts - A collection of shell scripts to perform common actions (mostly related to system administration) on FreeBSD.

Command Line Plugin for Prism - Use HTML/CSS to display a command line with a prompt and, optionally, the output/response from the commands.

Estate Planning Organizer - Simple but popular (downloaded thousands of times) spreadsheet to assist with estate planning. It has separate worksheets to list your accounts, utilities, and insurance policies. Read Getting Started With Estate Planning for more information.

More repositories are available on my GitHub profile and I post random files/scripts in the Downloads section on this site.

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