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Shell Scripting

Using Quarterly Ports on FreeBSD

FreeBSD 10.2 and higher use mismatched repos for packages and ports. This shell script simplifies updating your ports tree from the current quarterly branch.

Beginning with FreeBSD 10.2, binary packages installed using pkg are built from a quarterly SVN branch that only receives security and build updates once it's created. The goal is to provide a more stable software repository than the ports tree, which is constantly being updated and may even include broken ports at times. However, portsnap uses the latest/HEAD branch for the ports tree. Since mixing quarterly packages with current ports could lead to trouble, you have to choose one of these paths:

FreeBSD Shell Scripts Added to GitHub

I use some shell script libraries to make FreeBSD system configuration easier. They're now available as freebsd-scripts on GitHub for anyone to use and improve.

I recently switched my hosting provider from Digital Ocean to Vultr to get tighter control over the configuration—a more "pure" FreeBSD installation. While updating my notes to prep for the install, I considered how many configuration steps were basic file editing: add this line under that line, uncomment this line, comment that line, etc. I love the simplicity that comes when the code is the documentation, so I decided to create a small file I/O library to make it easier to write shell scripts for system configuration. Why bother maintaining notes to describe manual changes when I could write a script to perform the changes automatically?