New Domain

This site has moved to a new domain, Expect more frequent updates now that the move is complete.

It's been several months since I posted, so the site might have seemed dead already. We had a couple of hectic releases at work, which took time away from this site (and everything else). Also, I wasn't quite satisfied with the original domain name. It was a bit awkward to type and I knew I'd have to type it often. Since I wasn't sure if I would change domains or not, I didn't want to create too much content before deciding.

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes, though. I've done tons of refactoring and general code clean-up in what little time I had available. I also added several features to make site maintenance easier for myself. Finally, I built a fresh server to host the new domain and parked the old domain on top of it with redirects in place. Over the next couple of months, I intend to resume regular posting and release some source code. I'm looking forward to ramping up again.

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