Enable Spell Check in Pidgin on FreeBSD

Easily enable Pidgin's spell-check feature on FreeBSD by adding a local dictionary.

Pidgin's spell-check feature doesn't work by default on FreeBSD, so I finally searched for a solution and found instructions to manually install spell-check support on Windows. That was useful enough information to get it working.

Simply download OpenOffice's U.S. English dictionary and save it to /tmp (or another convenient location). Then extract the required files as shown below:

unzip /tmp/en_us.oxt "en_US.*" -d /usr/local/share/enchant/myspell
Pidgin logo

This Pidgin spells better than I do.

You'll need to fully exit and restart Pidgin for it to load the dictionary.

I installed the U.S./American English dictionary above, but you can search for the dictionary for your preferred language and modify these instructions as appropriate.

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