Command Line Plugin Added to Prism

After making several changes proposed by another contributor, my Command Line plugin is now part of the Prism project.

Back in February, I wrote about how to style shell commands using CSS. I wanted to submit that code to the Prism project, but I got distracted by other things. By the time I finally got around to submitting it, there were changes to the main project that affected the plugin code. I updated the plugin to incorporate their changes and submitted my first GitHub pull request at the end of November.

Another Prism contributor, zeitgeist87 (Andreas Rohner), was quick to provide useful feedback and offered some great suggestions for expanding the plugin's functionality. Andreas' suggestions resulted in a more flexible plugin that works for any type of command prompt as opposed to only shell/terminal sessions. Besides project-specific details I wasn't aware of, he also helped me with some general best practices for GitHub collaboration that I'm grateful for. People's willingness to help others is part of what's most impressive about the open source community.

After almost a month of conversations and changes, the main project accepted and merged my PR. It's currently available as the Command Line plugin on the main Prism download page. There's ongoing discussion about converting it from a plugin to a language add-on, so we'll have to wait to see how that ends. Either way, I'm happy to have made this contribution and later submitted 4 much smaller pull requests to the project (only 1 is not yet accepted). If you try the plugin, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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